Do You Have An Exit Strategy For Your Business?

Do You Have An Exit Strategy For Your Business?

Ultimately every business is for sale. Therefore every business owner should have an exit strategy which focuses on increasing the saleability of their business. In order to sell your business you need potential buyers to see the value of your business. A vital component of increasing the value of your business is building a strong brand. A clearly understood brand is a strong element of value in the eyes of a potential buyer and a buyer will be willing to pay a premium for a superior brand and will not feel this is an expense that has to be incurred after buying the business.

You’ll notice that I just used the words ‘superior brand’ - this is because business owners need to position their brand above their competitor’s brand, otherwise what is to stop that buyer from approaching your competition instead of you. It is sometimes difficult for a business owners to admit that their brand is not as good as the competition as they have worked hard to create a product/service that they are passionate about and therefore cannot see the wood for the trees. However, the passion on which the company has been built can be a great barrier to understanding what others might value in you and your products/services. That’s where branding agencies like Bonser Design come in. By outsourcing your branding to us we are able to not only see your business from a potential buyer’s perspective, but also by working with you we get to really know your business and understand your brand values, which we are then able to reflect in brand concepts and strategies.

A well-defined brand and marketing communications strategy will help differentiate you from your competition, and help turn that difference into revenue and profit. Get the strategy right and everything else falls into place.

We’ll work with you to create a strategy that supports the marketing of your products and services – building your brand, and communicating the unique qualities of your offering.

So don’t get trapped with an amateurish or awkward brand, increase your chances of exiting the company you have devoted so much of your life to by hiring a branding agency like Bonser Design with 35 years experience of branding numerous companies and who can create the impression that your company and products/services are greater than the sum of their parts, ensuring the best possible price.

Bonser Design has first hand experience of rebranding companies that have subsequently been bought by someone else, examples include Buckland Engineers, which was acquired by Cardno in 2007, and Medic One, which was acquired by Wilson Group in 2014.

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