The Importance of Professionally Written Copy for Websites

The Importance of Professionally Written Copy for Websites

One of our greatest assets as a Brand & Marketing Communications company is our professional copywriter team. Many companies overlook the importance of well written copy for their website and focus solely on the design. Copywriting is often something that is left to the managers, who are usually time poor and are not able to give the time and accuracy that this task requires. I'm sure everyone reading this article has at some stage visited a website with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors - it doesn't look good does it? It reflects poorly on the company and the service that company provides. If you have a website with typos how can you be expected to deliver a quality product or service?

Although the design of the website is important, if the reader cannot easily find the information he/she is looking for within a matter of seconds, he/she will go elsewhere and a potential sale will have been lost to the competition. This is becoming increasingly more commonplace as website visitors hop between the vast number of competitor website pages with a click of a button. Today's younger generation in particular have grown up knowing no other way - with technology at their fingertips they do not have the patience or loyalty of the pre-internet generation. They want their product or service straight away and if a company cannot capture their attention within the first few lines of copy, they will keeping searching websites until they arrive at the one that gets its point across in a few sentences and grabs their attention, while not overwhelming them with too much information.

So What is Well Written Copy?

Well if you think about it, when you visit a website you quickly scan the page to try and locate what you are looking for, so the best type of online copy is usually straight to the point and easy to understand. Most people visit a website to help them in their purchase decision making process, therefore the copy must tell them how to buy and how easy it is.

The tone of the copy needs to be friendly with engaging content, to increase the chances of visitors sharing it via social media, and the copy also needs to be written for SEO (search engine optimisation). Without SEO optimised copy search engines will not drive the amount of traffic to your website that it otherwise could.

Good copy written by a professional copywriter can increase conversions (a sale or an enquiry) if visitors manage to find your site, while poorly written copy that has not taken SEO into account will limit the amount of traffic your website receives. By integrating SEO thinking into the design and copy before the internal architecture of a website is finalised later headaches can be largely avoided. 

Successful websites are designed to ensure that appropriate keywords are used, that content is relevant, valuable and shared, that the website loads quickly, contains both images and content, and includes backlinks from other respected websites. When you look at it like this, you realise just how important professionally written copy is in the success of your website and ultimately your business.





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