CTS (Crane Technical Services Pty Ltd) designs, supplies and services the industrial radio remote control, magnetic crane handling and sensor technology for position detection, collision avoidance and volume flow control. These products  are highly critical to sectors such mining & resources, warehousing, manufacturing and construction. So, with over 30 years experience in supplying these world-class manufactured radio remote controls, lifting and positioning solutions, CTS thought is was time to reflect the quality of their products and services through a new brand, website and corporate profile.

As sole local supplier of technical products from quality manufacturers based in the European engineering hubs of Germany and Switzerland, CTS can now boast a fresh new look that is in-keeping with these centres of excellence. Bonser Design was able to help CTS redefine their logo to better convey their products and services by incorporating a symbol which represents the remote control, magnetic and sensor technologies of their products.

The new, responsive website and corporate profile now incorporate the symbol and colours from the new brand throughout, as well as bold, strong images of the company's products taken at on-site operations.


Brand Redefinition, Responsive Website Design, Corporate Profile