Signage & Displays

Signage and displays are important visual tools that provide information on your business and attract attention to your brand. At Bonser Design, we create strong, clear graphic design solutions for all signage and display environments.

When we have gained a true understanding of your business through our brand audit process we produce a very comprehensive style guide, which enables us to apply your brand consistently in other formats, such as on signage and display panels.

When working with companies on creating or updating their brand, we often become engaged in the physical launch and display of that brand. Brand launches can take place anywhere, from your own offices, conferences, cheese and wine evenings, to exhibition events. Wherever you chose to launch or display your brand, we are able to provide you with all the signage and display banners necessary for the event and, if you wish, we are also able to manage and coordinate the event for you.

We also produce very effective branded corporate gifts to give away to past, present and future clients at these events.

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