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RUC Mining

Drilling into the core of a brand perception problem for an underground contractor.

Perth and Kalgoorlie-based RUC Mining is a diversified contractor that specialises in complex assignments, from raise drilling and shaft sinking to underground construction. Established in 1990, the company has partnered with some of the biggest names in mining across Asia-Pacific. RUC has a number of international offices, an extensive fleet of modern equipment and a highly experienced team of mining professionals.


RUC’s image issue was two-fold: its visual identity was generic and inconsistent; while its positioning was too narrow for the full-service business it had become. The involvement of international stakeholders at a late stage of the project added to its complexity.


A distinctive logotype brought strength and memorability to the RUC brand, with a broadened colour palette referencing the rich earth the company operates in. Clear messaging defined its seven key areas of operation across new marketing material, with communication appropriate for an international audience.

The success of the project led to the creation of identities for a start-up operation in Mongolia and a subsidiary business specialising in shotcrete services.

Scope of Work

  • Logo design & brand identity
  • Copywriting & key messaging
  • Presentation folder
  • Marketing brochures
  • Expo banners
  • Stationery
  • Style guide
  • Subsidiary business logo designs


The decision to engage Bonser Design to rebrand RUC Mining was one of the best calls we have made. The Bonser Design team were great to work with, and not only did we achieve a modern, eye-catching and organised rebranding, the project assisted in fundamentally changing the business. The process Bonser Design adopts forces you to think about the way your business is perceived and what you stand for.”

Barry UptonManaging Director, RUC Mining