Since 1981, branding has been the specialty of Bonser Design.

It’s never just about ‘the look’, or design for design’s sake. Your brand is what people think and feel about your business. It is one of your company’s most valuable assets – and we take a holistic approach to your brand strategy. We start with truly understanding your business and its unique story: finding out who you are, what you do, how you do it and what makes you unique.

This insight leads to a well-defined brand strategy – differentiating you from your competition, and helping turn that difference into revenue and profit. Brand strategy is the framework for the elements of your corporate identity: brand name, logo design, positioning statement, tagline and style guide. Bonser Design has a proud history of successful branding and rebranding projects for a multitude of businesses across the Perth, national and international markets.

Logo Design

A well-designed logo is more than just a symbol.

It must express the culture of your business, and position the brand uniquely within the market – above your competitors.

It must be strong and flexible enough to work for your company where it operates ­– from small digital applications to building signage, from stationery to embroidery.

It must be the cornerstone of your greater marketing and brand strategy, establishing a memorable and ownable identity for your business.


Brand Names

Sometimes, companies need to take a step back to see if their most central of brand elements, their brand name, is the right one to grow their business. While name and reputation go hand-in-hand, a generic title can hold a business back from greater opportunities.

As part of developing your brand strategy or entirely rebranding, Bonser Design can help create a unique and ownable brand name – with consideration to trademarks, website domain names and your competitive landscape – to add immediate appeal, relevance and value to your business.

Positioning Statements and Taglines

Alongside the graphic expression of your brand logo, a positioning statement or tagline allows you to set the tone for the exchange you want to have with your clients or customers.

A well-researched, well-written and well-tested positioning statement, grounded in your brand strategy and values, distills your customer promise into a memorable few words and helps clearly differentiate your business’ offering.


Style Guides

When your business has many touchpoints with customers or clients – therefore, many opportunities to communicate your brand message – it is vital that the design strategy is implemented consistently for maximum impact.

A style guide consolidates your brand strategy and visual identity; details its elements including logo variations, colour palette, typography, imagery and photography; and establishes the guidelines of the intended application across future marketing and operational material for your staff and external suppliers. As the definitive manual for your brand strategy, these style guides are supplied as both printed and digital productions.

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