Graphic design plays an integral role in positioning and presenting brands through a variety of physical applications.

Elements of the identity must be carefully managed to communicate the brand message to the end user, whether it be in a trade show display, food packaging or a corporate gift.

We work to thoroughly understand the brand, the marketplace and the target audience before executing engaging and creative outcomes that deliver on real business goals.

Over many years, we have developed an array of powerful graphic design solutions for our clients – including exhibitions, displays, signage, interior graphics, way-finding, packaging, labels, art pieces and memorabilia.

Exhibitions & Displays

Bonser Design helps bring brand stories to life in bespoke exhibitions and displays.

We help our clients determine the most effective format for their audience and investment, and produce exhibits that are interactive, engaging, clear, user-friendly, and with long-lasting impact and relevance.

Our expertise in graphic design and copywriting ensures the optimal balance of imagery and text – and we consider the total experience, from lighting and layout to materials.

Signage, Livery, Interior Graphics & Wayfinding

Every sign in a business’ environment is an opportunity to express their character and differentiate themselves from the competition.

We marry up our clients’ unique brand attributes with technical and functional requirements to create striking and effective visual concepts for building signage, vehicle livery, interior office and retail graphics, and complex wayfinding systems.

Packaging & Labels

At Bonser Design, we begin every consumer product project with an audit of how our clients’ goods presents in the shelf environment amongst competitor brands.

Our goal is to create packaging and labelling that stands out attractively and appropriately, stays true to the unique brand message and visual identity, and achieves increased sales results.

Whether it be food packaging, wine labels or even canned air, we thoroughly test and prototype our graphic design concepts with clients to reach the finest solution.


Art Pieces & Memorabilia

As an experienced graphic design agency, Bonser Design understands the power of presentation.

We help clients celebrate and commemorate key moments in business and major events with bespoke art pieces and memorabilia.

These special items prove to be valued pieces for corporate gifting and personal collections.

We work with premium gallery-standard materials, in partnership with Perth’s best framers, to produce unique and timeless presentations.

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