prescribing a healthy brand strategy

The Client

Since Ken Hurst opened the doors at 777 Canning Highway in 1962, Pharmacy 777 has grown into a family of more than 30 locations and 600 employees across WA, and is one of the state’s leading pharmacy groups. Their pharmacists commit to the health of the community they serve with personalised care and a wide range of specialist services.

The Brief

As the group expanded, Pharmacy 777’s brand had been become inconsistent, disorganised and dated; all the while, the competitive threat of warehouse-style chemists from the eastern states loomed large. We were appointed to consolidate the positioning of Pharmacy 777 in the Western Australian marketplace, and create a contemporary brand identity that reflected the values of the group in a consistent manner.

Our Solution

After undertaking a comprehensive audit of Pharmacy 777’s visual touchpoints and marketing strategy, it was clear the brand needed to differentiate itself from the “race to the bottom” of the larger discount chains – instead, bringing forward Pharmacy 777’s renowned personal service. We elevated the brand identity with a striking logo, refined colour palette and typography, and compelling positioning statement. Complementary graphic assets and an engaging photographic style were also developed. The new brand elements were brought together and prescribed in a comprehensive style guide for integrated and consistent application to store signage, interiors, uniforms, vehicles marketing and operations.

What We Delivered

  • Brand redefinition
  • Positioning statement
  • Photography suite
  • Style guide
  • Store design & signage programme
  • Stationery suite
  • Marketing & operational materials
  • Print advertisements


Brand Redefinition

Our design reinterpreted the emphasis placed on the distinctive ‘777’ component. The raised central ‘7’ panel points to the importance of ‘you’, the individual customer, as the focus. A clean and contemporary logotype, with the use of sentence case, softens the brand name and adds balance and style. We retained, but refined, the red and blue colour palette familiar to the Western Australian public.

Positioning Statement

Previously, Pharmacy 777 used two disparate phrases alongside their logo. The directors had a clear vision for the direction of the group that spoke in a notably stronger voice. We helped them formulate their key point of difference, and a compelling promise to their customers. Pharmacy 777 provide the products, services and professional care to keep you healthy – ‘Taking Care of Your Health’.


Dynamic imagery is integral for a customer-facing brand, particularly in the health services space of Pharmacy 777.

We managed artistic direction of a broad portfolio of lifestyle photographs – capturing the group’s target demographics with representations of healthy families in a fresh, bright and engaging style.

The warm and approachable imagery directly communicates the brand’s messaging, working effectively with other graphic elements to add a distinct flavour to Pharmacy 777’s signage, advertising and marketing.


Style Guide

With all the new graphic assets in place, we created a comprehensive brand identity style guide for Pharmacy 777’s marketing team. The document, produced in both hard-copy and digital form, provided detailed specifications on brand strategy, corporate branding and sub-branding, production guidelines, colour palette, graphic elements, photography and typography.

The style guide provides direction of the application of these elements to store signage, interiors, uniforms, vehicles, marketing and operations – treatments that had to be integrated and consistent for the dozens of stores around the state.

Store Design & Signage Programme

As a retailer with a prominent and diverse presence, a significant component of the project involved the direction given to Pharmacy 777’s store design and signage to establish clarity and consistency across the group.

We developed a range of interior and exterior design concepts, coordinated the roll-out of the programme, and assisted local signwriters to successfully implement the Pharmacy 777 brand into the Western Australian marketplace.



A pharmacy group has a large number of communication touchpoints with its customers. We ensured that the refreshed Pharmacy 777 brand is optimally presented in a suite of stationery, promotional and operational items – from appointment business cards, to nursing support material, to clearly ordered dispense labels.

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead & follower
  • With comps slip
  • Email signature
  • Fridge magnet
  • Advertisements
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Dispense labels
  • Paper bags
  • The process of reviewing the Pharmacy 777 brand and how we wanted to position our group in the future, was handled with great professionalism and efficiency by the Bonser Design team. Their collaborative approach, structure and momentum were important factors in the success of the project. Certainly a team I would recommend in the future. 

    Kim Brotherson, Managing Director Pharmacy 777