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Louise Rabbone
Workplace Psychologist

Embracing personality for a specialised psychological consultancy.

With more than 30 years’ experience as a registered psychologist, Louise Rabbone is a leading practitioner who delivers evidence-driven services in the areas of mental health, psychosocial risk management and workplace mediation. Louise has has helped numerous organisations in addressing issues such as bullying, discrimination, workplace trauma, suicide risk and sexual harassment.


Louise is a fellow professional in our Subiaco office building; in a chance meeting, she initially expressed to us her need for a new website. The brand messaging of Louise’s practice – then called The People Catalyst – was confusing and unclear, impacting on business.


It became evident that the business’s title itself didn’t align with the expertise or vision. As modest as Louise is, we brought her reputable name to the fore – strategically positioned as the ‘Workplace Psychologist’ through sophisticated branding, signage, stationery and, of course, website.

Scope of Work

  • Logo design & brand identity
  • Copywriting & key messaging
  • Website design & development
  • Stationery
  • Signage

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Thank you for redefining and reinvigorating my psychological services consultancy with the new brand identity using my name and positioning me as the ‘Workplace Psychologist’. From the outset the Bonser Design process challenged me to clearly express my unique client offering. I am very proud of the outcome which presents such a clear, strong and engaging message to my diverse client base.”

Louise RabboneWorkplace Psychologist